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March 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Kaleidoskoop - Courtesy of Starburst Promotions.

In the same way the breath-taking colours and shapes of a kaleidoscope fascinates, this talented acoustic music group have managed to conquer the hearts of music lovers from across the country. The award-winning duo manages every aspect of their own music and offers listeners a goose bump-worthy acoustic sound, mixed with a majestic combination of melodies and instruments. To celebrate a successful decade in the industry, the group will be releasing their latest album at the end of March. I spoke to Joeba and Anique to find out more.


Gabriel - From their album 'Gunsteling Seisoen'.

What is your background and when did Kaleidoskoop get started?

Anique: I had music lessons all through high school and then at university I sang in the choir. Joeba is this wunderkind, he doesn't have a musical background. He did every kind of sport in school and only picked up a guitar in his third year at university.
Joeba: The band got started way back about ten years ago with me and Gerhard, just a couple of guys from university. Then I met Annique in 2009 and asked her to join the group. Our first album, called Platsak, was released in 2010.

This is your third album?

Anique: Yes, this is the third original album. There was a cover album of songs that we liked very much. We do have one or two covers on this one as well such as Gabriel, but the rest of the material is original.

“...I think you can hear on the record there is a lot of different environments, a lot of different emotions and moods....” - Ben Peters, GoodLuck

It has been a while since the last album?

Anique: For us the writing process is quite a long process. We believe that after an album has been released we must go back and live a little bit, go and experience new things. I almost believe that a song finds you rather than you going out and trying to find a song. So it takes a while but hopefully the lyrics will be meaningful and wil touch people.

What has the reception been like so far?

Anique: We have released one single called Wegbreek and it's playing on most of the radio stations. We will be releasing a video of that as well. We are very excited about it and I think people will like it.