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May 2017. Interview by Marelise Jacobs. Cover: Rubber Duc (left), Bad Peter, Green Craft Beer Festival, Tidal Waves (right). Courtesy of Bronwen Hirshowitz from BSharp Entertainment.

Having released a number of hits over the last two years, Rubber Duc has taken the South African music scene by storm. Releasing their debut album late last year saw them gaining even more traction. With somewhat of a cult following, the Ducs seem to be popping up all over the place and will be appearing at the Green Craft Beer Festival on the 3rd of June. I spoke to vocalist Nick Jordaan about their album, the rise to fame and working with music video director Kyle White.

Rubber Duc


How has the debut album been doing?

Nick: The Secret Sunrise album has been doing really well for us. It so important to have a piece of work out there in the world. We are very excited and very happy with it. There are still a lot of singles that we have got to release this year and then the beginning of next year.

All the hard work is starting to pay off. It seems like you came out of nowhere and suddenly you are everywhere?

Nick: We got together about three years ago and it took us a while to release this album. We were working on the right songs and the best songs so that took us a while. We were building our name on the scene, doing a lot of live shows. Our shows are extremely energetic and caters for a wide demographic from very young kids who love us to grannies. We had a ninety year old come to one of our shows because she knew we were playing. So I think we built a nice following but then the album dropped, suddenly we had more songs on the radio and it feels like it happened overnight.

“...we built a nice following but then the album dropped, suddenly we had more songs on the radio and it feels like it happened overnight...” - Nick Jordaan, Rubber Duc

Who were the producers on the album?

Nick: We do all the pre-production ourselves and then Greg Carlin from Zebra & Giraffe was the main producer and engineer. Daryl Torr was the executive producer.

You have been working with Kyle White for a long time, how did that working relationship start?

Nick: It is quite a good story. When I was much younger I was in another band and Kyle had just started out. He had shot only one music video before, he literally just bought a camera and was playing around. He then got hold of me one day through a friend and asked if he could film my band's music video for free. I started working with him for a while, we shot a lot of videos together and actually did one of Cassper Nyovest's videos before he was huge. Then when Rubber Duc started, Kyle wanted to work with us and he has been a major support for the band. He has helped us generate so much content and really helped us get where we are today, we love working with him.

I saw you recently came back from Splashy Fen?

Nick: It was honestly one of the best festivals in the country. It is under new management and they doubled the numbers from last year. I think next year they are going to be sold out. It was incredible, the vibe was insane. We played to a full house on the main stage, it was amazing.

You're going be performing at the beer festival next month, what can you tell me about that?

Nick: The Green Craft Beer Festival is going to be in Benoni. There are not many festivals out there so I think they are trying to make a foot print in that side of the world. I think the other acts are Bad Peter and Tidal Waves who are freaking awesome. And then of course they have the awesome draft beers so I think it's going to be a very cool festival.

What is the idea for 2017 now that everything is on the move?

Nick: We have a few singles still to be released and a few new music videos. We are also off to Dubai soon and hopefully Australia by the end of the year, we are hoping that comes through. We are playing at as many festivals as we possibly can, building our profile and trying to make 2018 even better than 2017.